1. Adolescent Health Clinic
Pillars for Resilience-Kenya Clinic is a community based medical center that serves as a Centre of excellence for quality, integrated and comprehensive health care and SGBV services that are adolescent responsive and human rights cantered. The clinic has five full time staff on ground offering general health and youth friendly services. The facility is committed to its objective of serving health care needs of diverse community groups including most vulnerable, poor and underserved communities of women, girls, youths, children, elderly and young men and boys as well as the middle class and especially the most at-risk Key populations and to support Pillars for Resilience to achieve its vision of creating a gender equal world with healthy and empowered young people.

Overall goal of Pillars for Resilience-Kenya Adolescent Health Clinic

-Pillars for Resilience-Kenya Adolescent Health Clinic strives to be a leading center for excellence for quality, rights based, integrated and comprehensive community centered health care services, wellbeing and research in Eastern region and Kenya at large using a youth friendly service approach. The clinic’s commitment is hinged on Pillars for Resilience passion to protect and improve the health, dignity and well-being of all people, especially poor and vulnerable young people, children, women, LGBTIQ and girls by enhancing their demand, access and uptake of quality health care services and Sexual and Gender Based Violence prevention and response services.

-Pillars for Resilience Adolescent Health Clinic is also committed to providing quality, integrated and comprehensive curative and preventive health care services that range from; pediatrics, family planning, maternal and child health services, (including; antenatal, perinatal, postnatal and post abortion care services), immunization, cervical and breast cancer screening as well as voluntary HIV testing and counselling, screening and treatment of all STIs. The clinic also provides In-Patient and Out Patient Department services that facilitates treatment of major common infections and illnesses like; malaria, typhoid, brucellar, UTIs, upper and lower respiratory truck infections, ulcers, abdominal disorders, muscular skeletor disorders/arthritis, basic mental health services among others.

2. Free SASA Helpline
Our 24hr. youth to youth telephone service that provides youth friendly psychosocial support, counselling, information and referral services for SRHR, SGBV, MHM among others. Referrals are made to a wide range of our mapped health care facilities that provide youth friendly services.
SASA helpline was launched during July 2022, covid time so that young people and youth can be able to access SRHR services and information through a phone call.

3. Youth entrepreneurship and skills development
Pillars for Resilience prides itself in its Teen mothers’ Vocational Program which provides beneficiaries in rural areas and out of school with a second chance to education in Business Management, Fashion & Design, SRHR, Computer Literacy and Mental Health. We work to counter this community problem by providing a comprehensive implementation approach that includes skilling girls and young women out of school in various income generating activities and reintegration to the community through apprenticeship, mentorship and career coaching.

4. Enhancement of gender equality and empowerment of women and girls
-Prevention and response to sexual and gender-based violence (facilitating reporting of cases, access to justice, psychosocial support, post rape care support, access to safe spaces)
-Elimination of negative social cultural norms and harmful practices including; child marriages and FGM
-Mobilization of communities to challenge restrictive social norms that papertrate SGBV and harmful practices
-Respect for body autonomy and integrity and building confidence among young girls.

5. Quality Health and Wellbeing for Adolescents and young people
-Enhance young people’s increased demand, access and uptake of quality youth friendly sexual reproductive health services and information (family planning, MCH, and post-abortion care.
-Mobilize young people and empower them to challenge restrictive social norms and barriers that undermine and limit access and uptake of SRHR services.
-Demystify myths and misconceptions associated with SRHR services like family planning, and sexuality education.
-Enhance young people’s knowledge on the basic concepts of safe motherhood and advocate for adolescent-responsive MCH care.
-Promotion of menstruation with dignity
-Promotion of HIV prevention, care, and treatment among young people.

6. The Youth Hub
The youth hubs are youth-led networking platforms that enables young changemakers to live, dream, and accomplish beyond their own limitations.
Our main goals are to mentor and empower young people socially, mentally, and economically; to build young people’s capacity for meaningful participation in discussions for national programs on issues that concern them, particularly sexual and reproductive health; and to engage and involve young people in sexual life decision-making. The youth hub now has 55 active change champions from various educational, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds.