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Donate At Pillars for Resilience

We depend on our well-wishers, friends and partners to help us make a significant difference in the lives of poor children in our community. Public support from kind individuals such as yourself ensures that we are able to continue our humanitarian efforts, particularly during pandemic lockdowns. Our community outreach projects help to feed the hungry, to build shelter for the homeless, and to provide education, clothing and livelihood necessities to the people in their time of need.

We need your financial support, kindly make a donation by PayPal, Credit/Debit Card or a deposit into our bank account:

Bank account Details:

Name of the bank

Cooperative Bank

Account number: 01134923304100


Bank Code: 11

Branch Code: 11018

MPESA No: +254705160913


PAYPAL Donations:

In-kind donations of food, canned goods, clothing, school supplies, personal hygiene products, homecare items, computer and communications technologies, and other everyday necessities are highly encouraged and deeply appreciated.

Corporate Sponsors

Corporate and business entities seeking to sponsor any of our social improvement initiatives are invited to contact Mr. Kelvin to discuss amazing opportunities today!

Call: +254705160913