Help young girls stay school and safe from harm

About “Hope for Girls in Kenya” Campaign

Tharaka Nithi County is a marginalized rural village in eastern Kenya. Due to poverty many girls are deprived of basic sanitary hygiene and education, which prevents them from attending school during a menstrual cycle. Missing school often leads to falling behind on the studies and can contribute to the girl dropping out before graduation. A girl who is not in school is at the highest risk of being forced into a child marriage, child labor or sexual exploitation. The girl’s future depends on her obtaining an education.

With your help Pillars For Resilience (PFR) will deliver practical hygienic solutions and female health education to help 600 girls stay in school for 6 months.

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Your contribution will help our team and partners to:

– Provide #__ of hygienic pads to over 600 young female students
– Teach girls about female anatomy, reproductive health and female health management
– Conduct community seminars to educate students about child marriage, early pregnancy, and sexual exploitation
– Purchase four sewing machines to sew re-usable sanitary towels to distribute to local schools and communities
– Offer sewing skills training to 20 young women and single mothers to create new employment opportunities to help them feed their families

Our campaign will enable hundreds of young women and girls in our community to have access to healthy menstrual hygiene and to attend school

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Donation Total: KSh 10,000.00