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PILLARS FOR RESILIENCE KENYA – Non profit organization

About Us

Pillars for resilience Kenya is a local grassroots and Trans gender women led Non-Profit Organization that was establish in the Year 2018 by a group of women (GBV survivors) with passion in addressing human rights, Sexual Reproductive health and livelihoods issues among Sexual Gender Minorities, adolescent Trans gender girls and marginalized Teen Mothers.

We work towards creating a safe space for engagement of adolescents, teen mothers and Trans gender women to discuss and debate issues affecting them. We empower them with accredited skills and knowledge on assertiveness, communication skills as well as sexual and reproductive health education. Offering them career guidance and managing their dreams and aspirations is our mandate.

In this changing world, Trans gender women are seen as propellers to the progressive narrative in entrepreneurship. Our programming at PFR brings into context the outcomes derived from creating a conducive environment for Trans gender girls and rural Trans gender women to channel their skills and hobbies towards meaningful income generating activities and enlightens them on crafts, value addition, and business management to support their families. PFR has established a hub where beneficiaries collectively contribute to the enhancement of products and thereby improvement of livelihoods and reduction of stigma and gender discrimination.


Pillars for resilience Economic Empowerment Program for women in rural settings ensures decent pay for beneficiaries from their crafts hence identifies trainers among beneficiaries to ensure the design resonates with the women’s ideas and further supplements the supply chain guarantying transparency to consumers. Our hands on approach at community level by peer coordinators who conduct visits and monitoring schedules ensures that the assisted rural-based artisans are meeting standards of production. Skilling girls and women opens opportunities for income generation, paves roads of self-sustainability and builds dignity as women are seen as economic growth drivers. PFR prides itself in its Teen mothers’ Vocational Program which provides beneficiaries in rural areas and out of school with a second chance to education in Business Management, Fashion & Design, SRHR, Computer Literacy and Mental Health.


Creating an enabling society where  girls, women & Sexual Gender Minorities have right and power to express their interest ensuring normal continuity of life.


To create an informed and empowered society to self mitigating challenges associated with girls, women’s and Sexual Gender Minorities


Caring attitude- pillars for resilience demonstrates compassionate support and concern for the underprivileged community.


Pillars for Resilience-Kenya Non Profit Organisation Po Box 470-60400 Chuka – Kenya +254705160913